Council of the pearl farming

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Council of the pearl farming

The LP (Loi du Pays) of July 18, 2017, regulating professional activities related to the production and marketing of pearl and pearl products in French Polynesia, drawn up in consultation with all of the representatives of professionals in the sector, provides for the creation of the Council of the pearl farming, within which professionals, municipalities, administration, the Assembly of French Polynesia and the Government are called upon to dialogue and take decisions on the organization of the sector, within a formal working framework.

The Vice-President Teva Rohfritsch opened the first meeting of the Council on Wednesday afternoon at the Presidency. Its role has been explained and recent regulatory developments in pearl farming have been recalled.

Figures on the last years and since the implementation of the sector reform were presented. Among these, we can retain:

  • A number of 721 producers of pearl oysters and different pearl products in 2018;
  • A total of 32 lagoons open to collection and grafting, with 5 islands representing 50% of the collection and 4 islands that make up 50% of the graft area;
  • A production of 8.4 million pearls in 2018, of which 64% on 2 islands (Gambier and Arutua);
  • An evaluation of the mother-of-pearl layer, free for the producer at the time of registration, was carried out for 1 million pearls (13% of production);
  • The main market, with 57% of exports, which is Hong Kong.
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