Publications on the Tahiti cultured pearl

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Direction des Ressources Marines (DRM)

The Marine Resources Department produced, within the framework of the Law of the country LP n ° 2017-16 of July, 18 2017 and its decree n ° 1262 CM of July, 31 2017, “job sheets” that work within the Polynesian film industry. Each document explains the regulation policy in a synthetic and pictorial way the scope of intervention, obligations and positioning of each profession in the sector.

Fiche Métiers producteur huitres perlières

Fiche Métiers artisan en produits perliers

Fiche Métiers détaillant bijoutier de produits perliers

Fiche Métiers négociant de produits perliers

Fiche Métiers entreprise franche

Fiche Métiers Producteur de produits perliers

Fiche Métiers Commerçant de nucleus

Fiche Métiers Organisation Filière Perlicole

Institut d'Emissions d'Outre-Mer (IEOM)

The Overseas Emission Institute (IEOM) occasionally produces express notes on activities and sectors in French Polynesia. The last survey on the Tahiti cultured pearl Polynesian from 2006, a new study should be available end of 2020..

La perle de culture de Tahiti

Institut Statistique de la Polynésie française (ISPF)

Each year, the publications of the collection “Highlights Balance Sheets” make the economic and social synthesis of the past year according to a given theme by the Statistical Institute of French Polynesia: price index, foreign trade, employment, construction, tourism, demography, companies …

Bilan : la perle en 2016

Bilan : la perle en 2015

Bilan : la perle en 2014

Bilan : la perle en 2013

Bilan : la perle en 2012

The Centre des Métiers de la Nacre et de la Perle (CMNP) to train in the different pearl

Located in Rangiroa, the Center des « Métiers de la Nacre et de la Perliculture » is  a unique school for pearl farming. The mission of the center is to teach all the techniques and knowledge related to mother-of-pearl and pearl. The learning relates to the collection of mother-of-pearl, transplant operation, sales of pearls.

The three different training courses offered: pearl technician, specialization in pearl grafting and improvement in pearl grafting lead to the issuance of a professional training certificate.