All research and development programs on the Tahitian cultured pearl industry represent, since 1992, nearly 2 billion xpf (17 million euros) financed by the French government, Europe and with 30% loan directly from Polynesia with an effort and an allocation of resources more and more dedicated to taking into account the preservation of the environment and the quality of the lagoons.

These different studies show that the preservation of lagoons in the broad sense also involves a change in practices and how to exploit marine resources. The pearl farmers, true farmers of the lagoons, are essential actors of this new culture.

The National Law LP No. 2017-16 of 18 July 2017 regulating the professional activities related to the production and marketing of tahitian cultured pearl and pearl products now includes several articles on the sustainable management of the resource *: the Council for pearl farming for example mission to formulate opinions on global and individual production quotas. Decentralized management committees are responsible for the co-management of their lagoon, including a role in reporting to the administrative authorities any disturbances observed in the lagoons.

The Tahitian cultured pearl industry, like many activities in the primary sector, has an urgent need to preserve its environment. It may be noted that although the awareness was initially made by the authorities and scientists, it has been more recent, progressive and fueled by professionals who are more sensitive or more in touch with the problems also encountered in the South Pacific and internationally (climate change, ocean warming, the cause and consequences of the presence of micro and nano-plastics in the food chain, management and recovery of waste, etc.). Accompanying changes in partnership with all stakeholders is therefore one of the many challenges of this sector and more broadly of Polynesia as a whole.

 Loi du pays – n° 2017 16 du 18/07/2017

Crédit : photographe : Moon – Mo’orea, French Polynesia

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