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Selection of articles on the tahitian cultured pearl


Vers une labellisation des produits perliers…

Polynésie : la perle noire de Tahiti, joyau des Gambier

Les perles de Tahiti sont reconnues pour leur qualité dans le monde entier. Mais comment les huîtres de Polynésie peuvent-elles renfermer d’aussi beaux bijoux ? Découvrez les mystères de la perliculture dans ce dossier.

La perle fait son grand retour


Pearls (Possibly) Beyond Price
The marine-born gem has entranced a new generation of jewelry designers.

A Look Inside the Cultivated World of Baroque Pearls
“Pearls are always appropriate,” Former First Lady Jackie Kennedy,

World’s oldest pearl to go on display in Abu Dhabi
The world’s oldest known pearl is set to be exhibited at the Louvre Abu Dhabi this month, the first time it will be displayed to the public since its discovery.

JCK has documented the evolution of the pearl trade in America since the late 1800s. From Kokichi Mikimoto’s cultured pearl invention in 1893 to the impact of today’s climate-change crisis, we track the industry’s progress.

Superfood of the Oceans: Pearl Powder Benefits and Uses. The gemstones of the sea may serve as your favorite pair of pearl earrings, but they can also add vital benefits to your skincare and beauty routine. Pearl powder can, in fact, help keep your body in shape and strong because of this fibroblast regeneration.